A transformer on the move

We carried out a heavy-duty transport on behalf of enercity. The goal: move a 59-ton transformer.

A heavy-duty transport on behalf of enercity – Stadtwerke Hannover AG.

Every household needs energy. We ensured the continued operation of a 59-tonne transformer in Hannover. The preparatory work was completed by the employees at Schütz-Spedition GmbH. The heavy-duty transport began on November 29, 2014 at 4:45 am. With an accompanying vehicle, the heavy duty truck left the substation at the Wasserturm (water tower) on Vahrenwalder Street.

The heavy duty truck and a special crane vehicle for heavy loads met in the cordoned off Bleichenstraße, behind the Nord LB buildings.

Construction of the crane began at 7:00 am – while this was being done, Schütz-Spedition GmbH took all the necessary precautions to bring the transformer into the intended substation safely.

At 9.30 am, the equipment was ready and the transformer could be lifted onto the rails by the heavy-duty crane.

Piece by piece, the transformer was moved into the correct position with a chain hoist.

Everybody involved contributed to the overall success of the project; all the work was carried out cooperatively. We would like to express our thanks, not only to our client, but to all the subcontractors and their employees for their outstanding performances.