Schütz Spedition covers a wide range of services:

  • Forwarding and Transport
  • Machine Transport and Assembly
  • Special Transport
  • Other Services

Our modern fleet is active throughout Europe. Our vehicles have modern communication technology and are equipped with tracking systems for accurate delivery tracking.

We deliver your part shipments and full loads to their destinations in Germany and Europe quickly, safely and reliably.

Our performance – your advantage!

We are your one-stop-shop. We look forward to your enquiry: +49 (0) 511 72 68 60

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Do you need tailored transport solutions? No problem.


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Forwarding and Transport

… is your professional partner in the forwarding and transport sector.

Freight transport – part and full loads – container trucking

Do you need individual transport solutions? Not a problem for specialists like us.

We plan and implement the efficient, safe and reliable transport of part and full loads – regionally, domestically and Europe-wide. With our large fleet of open and closed vehicles and modern information and communication technology, we can react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements and perform all kind of special and direct deliveries.

We have extensive experience in professional freight transport. We provide the appropriate cargo space and monitor the punctual takeover from the consignor, as well as the handover to the recipient.

With our trucks with high-performance deck cranes, we transport, transfer, stack and install your containers and entire container units.

When it comes to container trucking, we transport your overseas container with our modern fleet of container chassis to and from all German seaports.

If you need extra coverage during peak work times in your company in the form of additional trucks and drivers but do not want to hire more personnel or invest in a fleet of vehicles, we have the solution for you: charter agreements. Charter agreements can be scheduled on a temporary or permanent basis.

Your advantage: you have no additional expenses or personnel costs. Repairs and administrative work are not your problem, we take complete responsibility for those.


Machine Transport and Assembly

Assembly – Projects – Company Relocations – Machine Transport

We undertake company and industrial relocations and offer our customers a one-stop-shop for project management.

We plan your relocation project, together with you. We advise you and provide for the necessary permits, smooth implementation, complete monitoring and proper handover.

From project planning through dismantling, transport, machine and plant assembly to start-up, whether in another city or the building next door, whether electrically or mechanically – you can trust in our know-how to guarantee adherence to deadlines, safety and the highest possible efficiency in all processes. This keeps downtime to a minimum even when production is running.

We are optimally positioned for the professional transport of machinery and equipment. Whether crane loading and unloading from the top, back or side, or loading and unloading by special forklift: with our technical equipment we make everything possible.

Your advantages:

  • Transports carried out under tarpaulin
  • Inside transport height up to 3.15 m
  • Overwidth approval up to 3.00 m
  • In case of additional overwidths, we offer solutions on request

Thanks to an innovative packaging and fastening system, the safety of the machine and/or system is guaranteed at all times during transport.

We also develop tailor-made solutions for safes and the transport and assembly of printing machines. Our services include all preparatory measures, safe and reliable transfer and final assembly.

To successfully master our loading and transport tasks, we have access to special electro-forklift trucks for use in workshops with 10 t lifting capacity and an overall height of 2.35 m. The low height allows the forklift to drive through any fire door.

We also work with a suspension system with a lifting capacity of up to 70 t as well as air cushions and other special tools such as machine lifters and trollies.

We carry out transport both in-house and externally – even with overwidth or heavy loads.


Special Transporting

Our customers benefit from an extensive range of services in the field of specialised transport.

Heavy and overwidth load transport under tarpaulin: we have extensive experience solving complicated logistical tasks in the field of freight transport where dimensions exceed the tolerance limits for public roads and need special permits and appropriate measures. We carry out special transports with widths up to 4.50 m, heights of 3.50 m and lengths of 10 m. Our qualified specialists take on the tasks of loading and unloading.

With our low-loaders, we can deliver machines, structures, etc. to their desired destination punctually, safely and reliably, as low-loader transports – open or under tarpaulin. The bed height is 0.3 m with a length of 12 m.

If, for example, the gates of a production hall are too low to get the new machine into the hall by truck, we solve the problem with our special forklifts. Together with our experienced specialist staff, they get the goods to their destination reliably.

Do you need a forklift for your transport tasks, maybe you also need someone to operate them? We are happy to offer you rental with favourable conditions.

Do you have to transport a work platform? Then you’ve come to the right place. We transport self-propelled work platforms throughout Europe, including articulated, scissor and telescopic stages – with electric or diesel engines.

We transport for dealers, manufacturers and lessors of working platforms, as single or immediate shipments, or as part of a consolidated shipment.

We are happy to work with our customers to develop a transport solution tailored to their needs. You can rely on our experience and contact us.

With our special vehicles we can transport your construction machinery and drilling equipment – safely and reliably. The charge height is up to 3.70 m, with a width of up to 3.00 m and a load weight of up to 23 t. Special dimensions are also available upon request.

The transport of construction machinery etc. is subject to certain legal regulations and requires special permits. You don't need to worry about that at all – we take care of it.

Our drivers are specially trained in cargo safety and are also available on site for the safe start-up of the equipment.

The closed unit of vehicle and radio remote controlled deck cranes or rear-mounted cranes conduct crane work quickly and efficiently. This efficient transport solution guarantees minimal waiting times for loading and unloading and the avoidance of additional costs, as there is no need for a separate crane.

The load can be picked up directly at the staging location (for example in halls or through window openings), loaded immediately and taken away.

The use of truck-mounted forklifts makes loading and unloading incredibly easy. For example, where trucks cannot fit, mobile forklifts bring the goods to their destination safely without having to reload them. See it in action here.

As a further service, we also offer special transport. We will be happy to explain what it includes in person. We look forward to your request!


Other Services

Do you have a company with high workload, but low space capacity? Then use our storage service. We offer you clean, dry and ventilated storage spaces to store your goods, at a favourable price – a noticeable load off you and your company’s mind.

During commissioning, our qualified specialists will put the ordered items together and prepare them for transport according to the sales order.

Distribution according to time specifications is tailored to your needs.

We go the extra mile for your goods: because of our experience in forwarding activities, we are very well acquainted with national and European customs regulations and can offer our customers an extensive customs service.

This service speeds up the flow of goods, increases your supply capability and includes:

  • All types of customs duties (import and export)
  • Shipping registration (T1/T2)
  • Exports approval
  • Bearings (type „D“)
  • Neutralization
  • TIR carnets/ATA carnets

We work together with competent partners and are the ideal contact for solutions of this kind.

If your query is not on the list, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

As a modern forwarding company, we also offer services for freight transport by sea and air. We pack and load the goods to be transported onto ships and planes, in accordance with transport requirements, and take care of customs and other formalities.

Thanks to our excellent contacts and close cooperation with shipping partners and airlines, we can ensure that the goods arrive at their destination quickly, punctually and reliably.

Parades, festivals, events – we’ll be there!

Our TÜV-certified vehicles are approved for the transport of up to 200 people. We provide the electrical supply, as well as the appropriate lighting and provide the right sound with powerful music systems.

Ready when we need it: the Palfinger truck mounted forklift.

Collapsible and compact, it is always there when needed.